Beginning With the End In Mind

Founded in 1999, Funnelbox has grown from a cadre of content creators to a full-blown, nationally recognized, award-winning shop producing custom crafted content for regional and international brands. Our success is distilled from a volatile cocktail of creativity, communication and passion. All three of these elements are present in the one thing we could not do without: Our People.

Funnelbox is built on a foundation of creative professionals from varying disciplines. Everyone practices their craft in different ways, and we recognize the need for flexibility in our company structure to allow for those differences. But just as the flexible and powerful muscles of the body are held up by a skeleton, we support our crew with the equipment and technology they need to accomplish any project, no matter how they approach it.

And everything they do is guided by our over-arching principle of Disciplined Creative.

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Core Values

The work we do, and how we do it, is defined in large part by the culture we've developed. We seek to build an organization that each and every one of us enjoys being a part of, where people feel valued, inspired to grow, and are willing to do what's necessary to take care of each other and our client. These are not just pithy statements to make us look good on paper. These are our core values and why we continue to come into the office every week.

Meet the crew

Robb Crocker

Ceo & Founder

As founder and CEO, Robb's committed focus is to work and play hard, maintain an unquenchable thirst for learning, and serve others ahead of himself.  He believes in Les Schwab's founding philosophy that the best way to build a company is to "build people."  To that end, his primary roles at Funnelbox are three-fold: to recruit, coach, and nurture talent; to serve clients like family; and to seek new and better business and production practices.   His primary role at home is to be the best husband and father he can be to his wife and their three girls. 

Chad Parker

President & Executive Producer

Funnelbox is proud to have wrangled Chad from the East Coast back to the West Coast. He's been cracking production skulls since the early 90's. With his team building experience and an Emmy under his belt, we're super ecstatic to have him on board. Chad is a self-proclaimed Teddy Roosevelt historian, avid duck hunter, and lasagna connoisseur. His life motto is fittingly from Roosevelt himself - "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are".

Kirk VanderLeest

Vice President

Kirk works hard with the Funnelbox Team to keep all the divisions, personnel, numbers and clients straight and in their "happy place". Though he’s “corporate” enough to have an MBA and is a certified Six Sigma expert, his on-the-ground experience with clients, partners and staff keeps him real and running right alongside the rest of us. Kirk is the proud papa of three quickly-growing kiddos who enjoy keeping him on his toes.

Alyssa Proulx

Director of Development

Alyssa will be the first to tell you she cannot stop moving. Never resting, always achieving and taking risks are reasons why she's a true Kick-Ass Sales Super Hero. Her background in the outdoor and automotive industries is proving to be invaluable in the video production realm. When she's not forming valuable partnerships and delivering stellar one-two punches, Alyssa spends her time rock climbing, mountain biking, traveling and savoring a good scotch/cigar pairing.

Maurissa Fisher

Director of Client Care

After co-founding Young Entrepreneurs Business Week in 2004 and spending eight years as the organization's Executive Director, Maurissa did something rare for an entrepreneur: she successfully handed over the reigns to someone else. After such success, we are thrilled to have her as the point person for all things client-related. An expert in the principles of "customer delight", Maurissa's role is to provide seamless communication between our precious clients and our busy producers.

Margaret Nicoll

Director of Marketing

Margaret is a marketing and design obsessor, who moonlights as a five foot idea machine. While never forgetting her Vermont roots, she’s spent the past decade as a west coaster, hopping between San Francisco, Arizona and now, Portland. She spent her early years co-founding a rainwater harvesting company, before indulging her shoe junkie self at Deckers Outdoor, crafting insights driven digital content marketing strategies for UGG Australia, Teva, and Sanuk (amongst many awesome brands). She’s now in residence on the Funnelbox team, leading our marketing vision.

Greg Treat

Partnership Strategist

Greg is focused on maintaining, improving and building relationships with our business partners. His passion is exploring new business opportunities for Funnelbox and ensuring a potential partnership is the “right fit” for all involved. When out of the office, it's a safe bet he's with friends and family enjoying movies and quality Hi-Fi [which to HIM is CD based 2-channel stereo].

Rebecca McMurry

Biz Developer

This isn't Rebecca's first rodeo. She's corralled accounts in the sports, food, auto and outdoor industries. And to Funnelbox's benefit, Rebecca has years of experience landing accounts in media.  She enjoys a good bottle of wine, live theater performances, and hitting up the dog park with her furry friend Tucker.

Michael Fitzgerald


Michael’s well versed when it comes to exploring the world then boomeranging back to Portland, his childhood stomping ground. After navigating the seas of futures trading and finance, he traded in his calculators for cameras as he built his own media empire, including a film production company, record label and PR agency. While his days no longer include rubbing elbows with characters like Billy Bragg, Bono and Moby (no big deal), we sure are happy to have him putting his brain power towards getting and keeping our beloved client’s psyched. If you can’t find him, look to the woods, lakes and soccer stadiums, where he’s likely relishing in a new adventure with his family.

Aaron Corpus


Don't let the smile fool you.  Aaron's an intense dude who has directed spots for Hewlett-Packard, Viewpoint Construction Software, Duckworth Boats, and mysterious startup Clinkle.  And some other $2 billion/year clients.  He's produced spots and shows for Bowflex, KitchenAid, Brookstone, Hunter, Nordictrack and... wait for it... World's Best Cat Litter. If he had one wish, it would be for all the children of the world to join hands and sing in the spirit of peace and harmony. If he had two wishes, the first would be for the thing about the kids, and the second would be for you to call Funnelbox and work with us. Thank you, Steve Martin.

Joel Pomeroy


While most of his experience [over 15 years worth] was earned while living in NYC, Joel is a born and bred PDXer. He's an amazing home-brewer, chef, and cheesy '90s R&B advocate. Joel's greatest joy in life is expanding the vocabulary of his seven year old son. Funnelbox's greatest joy in life is when Joel shares those brewing and cooking talents with us. 

Paul Taylor


Paul is as tall as our long distance relationship but without all the drama. He may be serving as our Northern California based producer, but with aspirations of starting a raw dairy and already raising his own chickens, he's representing Funnelbox like a true Oregonian. Paul brings to the table over 17 years in video production, a slew of commercial experience, and like a true producer - well-crafted Excel templates. Rumor has it hidden away in a vault are old VHS tapes of Paul hosting a Public Access show and Radio Air Checks.  We're currently offering a reward for anyone with direct access to this footage.

Jesse Salsberry

Junior Creative Director

Jesse wins the award for driving the furthest every day from Vancouver. He also wins the award for the prettiest dog this side of the Mississippi. In all seriousness, Jesse pours his heart and soul into every project - staying late and going that extra mile each and every time. Which also explains why the coffee pot ends up in his office and not in the kitchen. The man needs his go-go juice! 

Nick Perkiss

Post-Production Supervisor

Nick MAY just have a fondness for cats and cat-related internet videos. That deficiency, however, doesn't stop him from being a top-notch Colorist [that means making magic, people]. Nick's proficiency with DaVinci is supplemented by awesome powers in every program we use in the shop, making him a go-to-expert on practically any problem [just don't interrupt his cat videos].

Julius Jockusch

Technical Director

Julius is Technical Director of Funnelbox, keeping our machines happy and healthy [and spending long nights with them when they aren't]. An accomplished effects artist, he knows how to re-system a computer for best results and once turned a 30-jointed invasive crustacean into General Mittencrab. With his love of graphics, he gets choked up watching the beautiful, tactile garbage dumps of WALL-E.

Sean Saul

Motion Designer

Known affectionately as 'Scooter' [though he's been known to outride racing motorcycles on the track], Sean takes a holistic approach to design. Every part of the process receives his greatest attention and he takes the full weight of the success or failure of a piece on his own shoulders. That's not to say he's all work; it's just that it makes sense he races scooters to blow off steam...

Cody Liesinger


Funnelbox snagged Cody from the freelance world. Brought on as a full time editor, his edits are so spicy they keep our clients coming back for more. Don't let his long locks, 6'2" svelte stature and motorcycle fool you - Cody's got one helluva sweet tooth. His notorious one liners and in-depth details of his constant struggle with gluten and his love for all things carb, keep the office highly entertained.

Seth Whelden

Director of Photography

Reigning from the land of Nantucket, Seth is in the running as Funnelbox's MVP of the century. Known for his expertise in cinematography, he captures those little moments that some may overlook like blowing on dandelions, which he fondly calls "Lil Wishies". It's no secret that Seth lives for the Magic Hour. And although he may look like a young Michael McDonald, his raps prove to be more like DMX.

Nate Rupert

Strategic Brand Manager

Hailing from the Beehive State, Nate buzzes for his clients. His professional relationships span from life sciences to sports to music and his experience as a one-man marketing department makes him relentlessly useful to his clients.  Don't let his love of Star Trek fool you: he's all business.  With an MBA in Marketing Strategy, Nate digs deep to find big-picture answers.  Give him gin.  Give him sports.  Give him jazz.  Or give him death.

Noel Adams


Noel is a craftsman and artist to the core - always seeing the world through a lens. Formerly a business owner, he's proof you can pursue your dreams at anytime. On set, Noel's lovingly described as being "hangry" and often dissatisfied with craft services. Don't mistake his pickiness for snobbery, he just appreciates quality...and organic, no GMO's, cruelty-free, range-free, grass-fed, hand-fed, meat. When he's not shooting or coloring images, he's up in the mountains with his family chopping wood, making pottery and eating granola.

Dawn Wagner

Production Coordinator

A natural born coordinator, Dawn appreciates organized choas. She escaped the Midwest promptly after earning her BA in video production and has never looked back. A self-professed cat-loving, white girl rapping, whiskey-drinking, cowboy boot-wearing, Grandma. And no, she doesn't have kids or kids with kids. Ain't nobody got time for that. But there's always time for production ...and cats. 



Spencer Hadduck

Sound Designer

Once upon a time, Spencer joined Funnelbox as an intern. It didn't take long to realize how valuable he was to our team. From intern, to PA, to now Funnelbox's Sound Designer - we couldn't make our movie magic without Spence! His loyalty, amazing spirit, sense of humor and can-do attitude makes him the most-wanted talent in our internal Funnelbox videos. 



Tracey Whitney

Executive Wrangler

Tracey is a wrangler of many things: the office, our artists, the CEO, our clients and chickens. Yes, she is a Portlander with chickens! When she's not scheduling, organizing and being an overall bad-ass office coordinator, Tracey's keeping busy gardening, camping and putting on her own edition of Extreme Home Makeover.

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