Video Production


It all begins with a plan. You have to know where you’re going if you want to have any hope of getting there. Funnelbox’s talented team of content marketing strategists, producers, directors and designers help you draw the map.

A pre-production strategy is necessary for any successful project; a Funnelbox pre-production strategy will ensure your project is successful and affordable.

Insights development, creative briefs and script writing, casting and crew scheduling, locations, gear, logistics.

Let’s do this.


Creative High Definition videography, quality set design, premium lighting packages, and crisp digital sound are just a few of the elements that contribute to our award-winning videos.

We own the cameras, and we know how to use them. Our full grip package rolls from our soundstage [conveniently located in the Portland metro area] to any location. And the crew, if not full-time team members, are our hand-picked favorites who just happen to be the best in the business.

With creative forces in motion, this is where we sweat...

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...and this is where we make magic. Our top-tier editing suites, manned by talented and dedicated post-production professionals, are where your video comes to life. Animation, motion graphics, compositing, color grading, voice-over recording and audio sweetening are added with the finest attention to detail.

We take post-production a step further with custom video encoding and final delivery services. We can upload your video campaign to your company website, YouTube or Vimeo; we also handle delivery for TV broadcast and DVD duplication.

And that, friends, is a wrap!


Creative: the writing, designing, and development of an overall artistic plan for a campaign or project.



Let’s be honest. No business gives up the “special sauce” recipe. But here’s our secret  - it’s beginning with the end in mind. It’s about our clients and the cultivation of their imaginations. It’s about keeping the lines of communication open while establishing deadlines and sticking to them. Come taste our sauce.

Video Production

Video Production: The art and service of creating content by capturing moving digital images and assembling them into a viewable product.



The Funnelbox product is as good as it gets. Period. We’re a production hub packed with four RED cameras, a grip truck, a sound stage with cyc wall, four fully loaded HD edit suites, and a massive HD stock footage library. Sure, we’ve got the goods, but it’s the incomparable talent we’ve drawn together that sets us apart. Funnelbox consists of top filmmakers, motion artists, writers, editors, producers and technicians working their tails off. Why?  Because we love what we do. And we do it for you.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics: Graphics that use video footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, usually combined with audio effects for use in multimedia projects.




Our motion artists are second to none in executing the most vibrant animated sequences of typography, logos, or any other illustration we can use to amplify your critical branding elements. Whether combining with live-action components or delicately weaving animated spots, the range of options is virtually limitless. Our artists pride themselves on pushing the boundaries to illuminate the innovative ideas constantly percolating at Funnelbox.


Animation: Essentially a digital successor to the stop motion techniques used in traditional animation with 3D models. Computer animation is the process used for generating animated images and characters by using computer graphics.


While quality motion graphics have come to blur the line between what’s achievable in 2D versus 3D, there are still plenty of projects we turn to 3D animation for, and fortunately for our clients we have some amazing animation talent on hand. Funnelbox takes your notion and turns it into creative motion.


Compositing: Combining visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all elements are parts of the same scene. Live-action shooting for compositing is also called "chroma key" or "green screen" shooting.


Think of compositing as the film/video version of collage. Lighting and shooting green-screen footage for optimum effect is an art unto itself.  Blending it with impeccable scenes and design elements takes a cohesive squad of artists working in perfect sync. From shooting to post, we specialize in blending worlds to bring our clients’ communication goals to life.


Audio Production: The recording, engineering, and editing of various sound elements (voice, effects, natural sound, music, etc.) to create composed audio experiences.




As a top-to-bottom video production studio, we understand the importance of Audio to the success of any project. In addition to field sound recording on all our live action shoots, our offices boast a dedicated post-production audio studio and recording booth. While we work with remote voice-over talent from all over the country, we are fully equipped for on-site VO recording and audio engineering.