Yeah, we keep busy, but never so much that we won't answer the phone or reply to questions about working with us. The shop is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am - 5:00pm if you want to hear our lovely voices. Otherwise, shoot us an email here:

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We are always looking for talent. Feel free to shoot us an email at hello@funnelbox.com and tell us a little about yourself. Don't get discouraged if we don't get back to you; we read everything that comes in and file resumes and job queries away for future reference. Who knows, when we get our next big job, we just might pull your name from the pile as the perfect candidate for a new position. Thanks for your interest!

Open Positions

Rockstar Lead Generator

If you feel that your place of employment should not only be a place you can make good money at, but also enjoy coming to. . .. . .for both the work and for the people.
If you want a job where you are trusted to do your best work; where you're recognized for your talent and expertise; and where you get to share in the spoils of success. 
If you want to work for a company that understands you have a life outside of the office, but that your work is also an important part of your life; a place that trusts you to do the right thing, that fosters your curiosity and encourages you to learn and grow; a place with a culture that cheers for your success and supports you in your quest to become a better person tomorrow than you are today; and where the boss recognizes that he has as much to learn from you as you do from him.
We might make a good match.
Funnelbox is looking for a Rockstar Lead Generator
If you have:
1. Unshakable integrity.
2. A burning desire to build long-term client relationships.
3. A penchant for empathizing with clients and connecting with people.
4. A track record of holding yourself and others accountable.
5. Absolute desire to achieve goals that are set before you
6. An unquenchable thirst for personal growth.
7. A sixth-sense to know when it's appropriate to answer a question with a question. . ..or just answer the damn question.
8. A freakishly effective ability to solve problems, and craft communications that generate interest and gets others to take action. 
9. A desire to be relentlessly useful to awesome clients, and your kick-ass sales team. 
You should apply.
Should you land this job you will surely be paid less than a Rockstar Lead Generator deserves. . .but you'll love the work and people enough to take the gig anyway.
Send us a compelling cover letter. And a resume (if you must.)
Click here to apply: http://app.hireology.com/s/29589